Victoria’s Secret’s Elsa Hosk and Jac Jagaciak hoping for plus-size angel

Victoria’s Secret’s Elsa Hosk and Jac Jagaciak hoping for plus-size angel
July 31, 2015Print

Elsa Hosk and Jac Jagaciak, the newest catwalkers to get their wings as Victoria’s Secret angels, have set tongues wagging in discussing the possibility of a plus-sized model joining the lingerie brand’s famed flock. Asked whether we are going to see a more curvy woman modelling for the brand, the beauties revealed that it’s something they can see in Victoria’s Secret’s future.

“I think the whole world is more open to plus-size [models] and I am sure at some point they will be ready for it,” Jac Jagaciak told the Daily Mail while promoting the brand’s new Body by Victoria collection in Times Square on Tuesday.

Elsa, meanwhle, replied: “We don’t know. I really hope so.” She added: “Right now there are a lot of Angels represented. We are from all over the world. We come from different backgrounds. We all had different lives before this, so it is really interesting how a lot of different nationalities are represented and it is super cool.”

The girls also opened up about their diets, revealing that despite jibes made on social media, they love to eat just like the next person.

Elsa even recently spent an extra day in Italy in order to sample the country’s world-famous food dishes.

“I actually stayed an extra day just so I could hit all the best restaurants and try the best pasta carbonara [and] the best pizza,” she said. “Who doesn’t love Italian food?” But she stresses balance. ” We do eat, but we also work out like athletes, so it all balances.”

The athletes all jetted to Italy last week to shoot Victoria’s Secret’s latest Christmas campaign. Elsa was joined by Miley Cyrus’s beau, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt and Romee Strijid in Rome, making sure to keep their fans updated on social media throughout the trip.


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