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Victoria’s Secret released a profile for Elsa from their upcoming VS Swim Special!

Here are some screenshots from the video, to watch the video go HERE



You’ve probably seen this Swedish beauty partying it up with PINK for the past few years, but Elsa Hosk is one of the newest faces to grace the Victoria’s Secret Swim catalogues. She also plays a big part in our upcoming Swim Special! During filming, we had a chance to ask Elsa a few questions about one of our favorite topics—the beach!

Are you a ‘lie in the sand’ or ‘splash in the waves’ kind of girl?

Splash in the waves all the way!

Beach braid or beach waves?

Beach waves.

Poolside or seaside?


How old were you when you learned to swim?

Six or seven years old.

Favorite beach memory?

The first time I went to Barbour Island, the beach was so empty, white and beautiful.

Surf’s up! Ever had a major wipeout?


Favorite beach sport?

Waterskiing or going in the ring behind the boat, if that counts as a sport!

Favorite beach treat: Ice cream, coconut or popsicle?

Ice cream AND coconut!

You’re on a boat. What’s your jam?

“Look Into My Eyes” by Ray Mang.

What’s in your beach bag?

Towel, book, iPod speakers, a deck of cards, a bikini, and sunscreen!

Your go-to sunbathing suit?

A tiny orange bikini that leaves minimal lines!

Your perfect bonfire look?

Bikini top, wrap kimono, jean shorts.

Learn more about Elsa and what’s it’s like behind the scenes on one of our swim shoots on the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special, airing February 26, 10/9c on CBS and shop looks from the show now.