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Elsa Hosk Covers the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog in Sizzling Crochet Bikini

2016 is starting strong for us Elsa fans! People.com just announced that Elsa is on the cover from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog!


Elsa Hosk Covers the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog in Sizzling Crochet Bikini (Exclusive First Look!)

If you’re like us, receiving a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail makes you want to book a vacation (or at the very least a spray tan!). And this year’s swim-themed book is sexier than ever. We know. We got a sneak peek.

Angel Elsa Hosk covers her first VS swim catalog, and the 27-year-old Swedish supermodel opens up to PeopleStyle about the big honor, plus, dishes on that time she “hit” Ariana Grande with her wing during the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

How did you react when you found out you landed the coveted swim cover spot?
“I was freaking out. I literally thought they were playing a joke on me. I know this is such a big deal, and I am so honored to be selected as the cover model. We have been on so many swim trips but you never go in thinking that is going to happen.”

What do you love most about the shot?
“Guy Aroch took this image and I have a very special working relationship with him. I have been working with him since I first arrived in New York! His photography style is all about being natural. He is not into retouching, he doesn’t like anything too perfect. It is really just you…and I think that is so beautiful. I think this [cover] shot stands out because it is so natural.”

How many takes did you go through?
“Not many! We were in Bora Bora shooting this image. I threw on swimwear and we had this idea that I would rise up from the ocean. I started untying the swimsuit and it started to fall off; it was a very natural moment. Those are just the kind of moments that Guy [Aroch] likes to capture. We all knew it was a great shot, but I had no idea it would be the cover.”
What’s the hot bikini style for 2016?
“I am obsessed with crochet bikinis. It’s all I want to wear right now. It is very old school and retro. I love the one on the [Victoria’s Secret] catalog cover for example. It is reminiscent of the ’70s or what girls would wear to Woodstock — just throw a boho skirt on and listen to The Doors.”

What’s one swimsuit trend you’re tired of?
“Tankinis. I love one-pieces. If you typically wear a Tankini, give a one-piece swimsuit a try. It’s fashion forward and hot.”

What’s more fun to model: Swimwear or lingerie?
“Swimwear because you get to work on the beach.”

How many swimsuits do you own?
“I own way too many swimsuits — maybe 50!”

Do you own more swimsuits than shoes?
“No, I probably still own more shoes than swimsuits.”

You just walked in your fifth Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! What’s your ultimate memory?
“My ultimate memory was being together with all of the new Angels and see us all walk the runway together. It was such an incredible feeling. Even though we have all done the show before, this was our first time as Angels — and it was really special!”

What’s your most embarrassing moment from doing the VS fashion shows?
“I would have to say it was probably at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when I ‘hit’ Ariana Grande with my wings as I walked passed her on the runway. The thing is, I actually never hit her…it just looked like it. She ducked right in time.”
What Angels did you look up to when you were younger?
“Candice [Swanepoel], Adriana [Lima], Gisele [Bündchen], Miranda [Kerr] — really all of them! And I really looked up to Behati [Prinsloo] because she used to be a Victoria’s Secret PINK model like me. I really looked up to all of their confidence. When I first started, I was quite nervous. They made everything look effortless.”

What’s the most surprising thing about being a lingerie model?
“People may be surprised to know that all of the models are really supportive and welcoming to each other. And we have made some incredible friends through this job.”

Do you have a new year’s resolution?
“I would like to meditate more and take some weekend getaways if I have time. When I am in New York City, I would like to try explore outside of the city more.”



Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2016 wraps up!

Elsa and the Angels are done shooting their upcoming Swim Special. The show will feature performances by Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and DNCE, an air date hasn’t been announced yet but we will keep you informed as always! For now, enjoy the pictures of Elsa and the girls shooting at the beach!


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015

On December 8th, the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS and now there’s videos available for those who couldn’t watch.

Not only did Elsa take part (a big part, actually) in the annual lingerie show but she also joined her fellow Angels in the live pre-show!

And here’s the actual Fashion Show, with Elsa and the rest of the Angels!

A heart-to-heart with Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk

A heart-to-heart with Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk

August 6th, 2015

LOULOU caught up with one of Victoria’s Secret’s newest Angels, Elsa Hosk, to talk everything from the new Body by Victoria collection to her perfect BFF.

On lingerie: “It’s the first thing you put on, and it’s the garment that’s closest to your body. It just makes you feel different when you’re wearing lingerie that fits well and feels good.”

On her favourite bra from the new Body by Victoria collection:“I like the new Lace Bralette. It’s so pretty and a little different. I feel like I could take my top off and wear just that because it’s so cute!”

On not being picky about panties: “I’m such a mixer-and-matcher. I don’t necessarily stick to what you’re supposed to wear. I like the new Body by Victoria collection because the styles go together—some will have little polka dots, some will have a print, some will be solid—so I like to mix it up with anything I feel like for that day.”

On keeping her skin on point: “I love the Shea Hydrating Body Lotion. The smell is subtle, which I like. During the day, you don’t want a smell to take over, but with this, you can walk by and someone will say, “Oh, I want more of that!’” Plus, it’s really natural: It has vitamins and shea butter, so it’s great for every day.”

On beauty: ”Beauty to me is on the inside.”

On what’s sexy: “I think confidence is the most sexy thing. Confidence and kindness.”

On feeling confident: “Surrounding yourself with the right people. Having good friends you can trust and who will tell you the truth.”

On what she’s looking for in a friend: “Someone who’s not judgemental and has your back.”

On what she’s looking for in a man: “We all have these lists of the things a man needs to have, but I guess the most important thing is that you can be yourself around him.”

On her favourite piece of clothing: “My Céline biker jacket.”

On being a Victoria’s Secret Angel: “The most surprising thing is how down-to-earth all the Angels are, and how nice and hard working everyone is. It’s been super inspiring and helpful to me.”



VS “Getaway Bag” & Body by Victoria Online Commercial

Victoria’s Secret released two new commercials featuring Elsa! One is the online commercial for the Body by Victoria line where she is joined by her fellow Angels, and the second one is for the “Getaway Bag” and it’s Elsa’s first solo commercial since becoming an Angel!

Jasmine Tookes, Kate Gregorieva, Elsa Hosk, Jac Jagaciak & Sara Sampaio At Body By Victoria Launch

Here is a new interview of Elsa and the rest of the Angels yesterday at the Body by Victoria launch.

ET Canada interview

Elsa and the Angels were interviewed today for ET Canada, here’s the video.

Victoria’s Secret announces new ‘Angel’ lineup!

Victoria’s Secret announced their ‘Angel’ lineup today! And they’ve finally announced Elsa is one of them, she is joined by nine other models, Kate Grigorieva, Taylor Hill, Martha Hunt, Jac Jagaciak, Stella Maxwell, Lais Ribeiro, Sara Sampaio, Romee Strijd and Jasmine Tookes so congratulations to all of them! Here’s the video announcement.