Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

Elsa started working with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret in early 2011, making her debut for their PINK line.


In October 2011, Elsa made her first appearance in a PINK event next to fellow model and then Angel Chanel Iman.

Victoria's Secret PINK Fighting Illini Fest

In November of the same year, Elsa made her runway debut for Victoria’s Secret in the closing segment PINK.


The following week Elsa hosted her first PINK solo event.


Elsa’s work with PINK continued during the next the year hosting multiple events for the brand and being the #1 girl in their catalogs.


That year for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Elsa took part in the lip sync video for Justin Bieber’s song Beauty & A Beat.


2013 was another year for Elsa to reign Queen in the PINK catalogs and walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion for the third time and was included in the credits of the show for the first time. She also hosted the first viewing party for the show.

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion After Party - Pink Carpet Arrivals



During early 2014, Elsa continued her work as a PINK spokesperson and worked a lot for the brand. However, she also shot for the first time for mainline products and even had her very first commercial for the new fragrance Eau So Sexy.




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For the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Elsa posed for the first time along with the rest of the Angels in promotional events for the show. She also was included in the credits again.



Also in the 2014 show, Elsa opened the PINK University segment and walked a second segment for the first time in Fairy Tale.

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

The following week Elsa hosted another viewing party for the show in Boise, Idaho to finish of her first year of Angel duty.


On February 26th, 2015 Elsa took part in the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special along with many other spokespersons for the brand and continued to work with the brand.


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On April 28th, 2015 Victoria’s Secret announced #TheNewestAngels, welcoming 10 new models to their Angel Roster, including Elsa and making her officially and publicly a spokesperson for the brand.

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As of May 2015, Elsa was listed as one of the brand Angels in their official website, to check out her official profile.


Elsa made her Angel debut for the brand’s Bombshell spring line, joined by Stella Maxwell Martha Hunt. On July of 2015, Elsa and the rest of #TheNewestAngels made their commercial debut together for the brand’s Body by Victoria line,  launching it in New York City.



2015 was a huge year for Elsa as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she was included for the first time in the brand’s Holiday Commercial shot in Rome, Italy. More importantly, Elsa covered the biggest catalog of the year: Dreams & Fantasies and led the Holiday campaign.


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For her 5th Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Elsa was once again included in the credits as one of the brand’s Angels and for the first time she didn’t walk the PINK Section, making her transition from PINK Girl to mainline complete! She walked the segments Boho Psychodelic and Ice Angels.


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She was also included in interviews and promoted heavily the show.

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2016 started right for Elsa, scoring the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Swim Cover, just one of six covers in a row Elsa scored!


In February Elsa took part in the brand’s exclusive Super Bowl video, promoting their Valentine’s Day collection.

In March 2016, Elsa took part of the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special.

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She continued to work constantly for the brand, becoming one of their most featured Angels and taking part in countless campaigns for the brand.

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Most notably, she took part of the brand’s Holiday Campaign, shot in Paris.

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In November of the same year for her 6th Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, our girl was given the honor of opening the show as well as leading the finale with the brand’s most iconig model, Adriana Lima. She walked the segments The Road Ahead and Secret Angels

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2017 was another huge year for Elsa and the brand, continuing to work for them in multiple campaigns.

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She is once again one of the main faces from the brand’s annual Holiday campaign

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For the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Elsa is set to wear the brand’s iconic annual Swarovski outfit in the Nomadic Adventure segment.

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Elsa is already hard at work for the brand’s 2018 campaigns, having done multiple photoshoots for their upcoming Valentine’s Day campaign

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